Out of an abundance of caution… we suspect we’ll all be hearing that phrase quite a bit in the coming days. Two years ago Mitcz and Stoya co-founded Steve Ronin was a major contributor from the start, and Sydni Deveraux has been featured in every issue in some capacity. When Stoya realized where the gaps in proficiency were–mostly production management and organization related–she took steps to bring in Syd and Sweetpea as COO and CFO, respectively. These two luminous ladies, along with Steve, were given equity in the company in exchange for their time and efforts.

We’ve been organizing some big stuff for over six months. In December we shot a ton of content together and laid out our release schedule for 2020. Mitcz began programming a rebilling subscription option. We started planning promotional events, announced the theme of our April issue, and started teasing the subscription option.

Stoya and Syd flew to Minneapolis recently for the official announcement of Sweetpea and Syd’s joining of ZeroSpaces’s parent company at Kinky Friday. A great time was had. Lapdances were performed. Announcements were made and applause was given. And then it became apparent that the novel coronavirus was sweeping the globe in a way that none of us were prepared for.

We no longer feel comfortable sending our team all over the place, ping-pong-ball style, through airports and across borders and time zones, until the various states of emergency are over. We’re not sure when filming interactions between two or more people will feel responsibly possible again. This may be the end of Around the World in 80 Ways, and is definitely an impediment to current production.

So we must postpone our launch. We’ll have to wait until the COVID-19 dust settles, and figure out how we’re going to run our business in the future. We’re not sure how to supervise sets remotely, and that’s one way we can reduce travel. We’re not sure how we’re going to conduct our events. We’re not sure when we’ll be able to shoot enough content to have the necessary backlog to continue business as usual in the face of another global issue.

Like all the other postponements, we believe it’s the right thing to do. When we launch we want to be prepared to keep our commitments to you, our customers. And when we launch, we want to do so knowing that we’re doing everything we can to keep our collaborators and workers as safe as possible.


Stoya, Syd, Sweetpea, Mitcz, and Steve

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