I don’t know anything about Brazil.

Ok, I know they mainly speak Portuguese, and evolved from a Portuguese colony. I know that in Civ 5 the Brazilian player gets extra culture from jungle tiles. I know they just had a religious holiday of some kind, and that they were recently protesting something regarding gasoline.

But that’s it.


I’m so far out of my element here. I don’t know the history of this place. It’s lovely. I can simply absorb the beauty without seeing it through six different lenses of politics. Like a vacation. And, fuck, is it ever beautiful.

Photographers refer to magic hour. That period as the sun sets where the light is gorgeous and the photos go from good to stunning. You may have heard people talk about the light in Los Angeles or Greece. 

The sky in Porto Alegre is exquisite when it’s cloudy. I haven’t seen the sunshine yet.


Lazar and I are here because the Fantaspoa festival is screening Ederlezi Rising. The organizers are very family style… I was picked up at the airport by a representative of the show instead of a hired driver, there are group lunches and activities, and the organizers are always willing to walk us from point A to point B.

My main contact, Joao, is tattooed all over with artwork from the festival’s history. He took us to a bar where the walls are covered in genre film posters and at least one table sports a layer of tasteful Playboy nudes.

It’s a joy to be around people who love what they’re doing so much. Who celebrate the creative work they love so thoroughly.


Depending on the geographical area, you might greet a person by hugging, kissing cheeks one to three times, or some combination of the above. Even a stranger. They aren’t forceful about it, but isn’t it nicer their way? Warmer than a handshake.

There’s something grounding about being embraced multiple times throughout the day. And these aren’t shoulders-first air hugs, either. The physical warmth and ease with contact reminds me of Serbia.

I don’t know anything about Brazil. But I know the people here are human and welcoming.


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3 Replies to “Brazil”

  1. Hello stoya
    It would be a pleasure to meet you in Brazil.
    We are people who gather, yes.
    we like to hug, kiss
    I know I’d like to meet here one day.

  2. I just found this blog post.

    Too bad if you haven’t seen the sunset at Guaíba’s shore, close to the Capitólio — the movie theater where my friends and I met Lazar and you after the movie (he might made some remark about someone asking if he could understand Russian.)

    It was wonderful to meet you guys. Best whishes for you and your great movie.

  3. Hi Stoya.

    Too bad if you guys didn’t have the right weather to watch the sunset at the Guaíba shore. It’s beautiful and, of course, our “post card.”

    A friend from the Netherlands has the right description of our prople: we’re like avocados: our shell is soft and easy to get through but the inner core is pretty hard to get in.

    By the way, it was a great pleasure too meet Lazar and you face to face. He might had some remark about a guy asking him if he understands Russian (then he spoke something in Serbian but I was too thrilled to catch it) — silly me!

    Best wishes for you guys and congratulations on your great movie.

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