Free Time

Belgrade to NYC to Paris to NYC to Malibu to NYC to Belgrade.

There was a feature film, a short film, a Sex Lit event guest starring Joanna Angel, and at least one photoshoot in there. No video pornography yet this year, but… stay tuned.

I’m in Belgrade for the premier of Ederlezi Rising. No details yet on when it’ll be released for general viewing, but… well, everything is stay tuned and jet lag right now.

With eight hours between checking into the hotel and needing to be dressed, I went down to the spa. They told me to come back in a swimsuit. So I came back in a long sleeved crop top and a pair of panties with a cartoon cat on the butt. Nobody said anything to me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean my outfit was acceptable.

Less than five minutes after entering the steam room I met someone who knows First. Randomly meeting people who know First is a regular occurrence for me in Belgrade. If there are more than ten people in a room, one of them probably knows him. I’d have stayed for a lengthy chat but the heat started to get too intense for me.

I managed to while away another hour reading a paper on Emma Goldman and the perversion of the Russian Revolution, sent to me by a follower on It feels a bit pompous to charge people a monthly fee to message me, but it’s cut down drastically on the amount of garbage I encounter daily and greatly increased the quality of the messages I actually see.

How the fuck did capitalism put the fun back in the Internet?

Meanwhile, Steve Prue approved my dress for the premier (courtesy of Yang Li, no less) and my press day outfit, so at least I’m not stressed about what to wear. Maybe that’s where all this free time is coming from.



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  1. The Internet has always been fun if you know what to look at and filter the dross.

    You’ve come a long way little girl since 2006 and everybody loves and admires you for being the best of all things.

  2. Also what you wore to the spa (as you put on ismygirl) would pass for a swimsuit definitely. These days as long as you are wearing something people dont mind.

    You might not know but until the mid 1960s there were laws in most countries limiting how small a swimwear you could wear on beaches etc… and they actually had beach inspectors going round with measuring tapes. Dress lengths too were also expected to be of an adequate length until then too. People would laugh at all that now.

    Its like also laws limiting what you could do on a Sunday. Things have radically changed in the past 50 yrs.

    Imagine what things were like 100, 200, 500 yrs ago ? Youd be burned at the stake as witch for wearing bikini* in the Middle Ages by the church as being an agent of the devil corrupting the souls of men – *especially a black one.

    If we hadnt had Hefner at Playboy in the 1950s then Guccione at Penthouse in the 70s changing the culture we’d still be in the puritan period which women wouldnt have liked either.

    I wonder what historians will later write of this past century and where things will be in 50 and 100yrs from now ?

    But one thing I do know is Stoya will be regarded as one the greatest X girls of them all for that and what more she will do over time.

  3. This isn’t really relevant to this topic, but I couldn’t find anyplace else on the site to thank you for the insightful op-ed piece you wrote for the March 4 New York Times. So thank you!

    1. I have this female friend who is just like me except that she is young, attractive, and totally imaginary. When you are on a long plane flight again, I would love for you to write an entry here on your musings about odd and interesting ways fantasies play out in pornography and other sex work. It would be fun and probably funny to hear how you work your entertainment magic.

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