Sex Lit. (the preamble)

I’m told I can be condescending in Professor Stoya mode, and my high school diploma was acquired through the mail. Regardless, I’m sometimes called upon to explain things—pornography, human sexuality, basic genital anatomy.

I’m prone to whipping books off of shelves and sending them home with people. I’ve also been known to pull Penelopi Jones’s clitoral structure ring (given to me by the artist a few years ago) out of a drawer to use as a prop.

A sexual partner once joked about putting a square of chalkboard paint above my bed like a headboard. I’ve received a number of inquiries from university students over the years, and have threatened to put together a syllabus.

I’m also deeply interested in pornography as a form of media. Not only does it reflect and inform sexual practices and fantasies, it sometimes incorporates or directly addresses issues of politics, race, and gender roles.

To that end, House of Scorpio (Brooklyn) and I are starting a local event called Sex Lit. It’s like Stoya’s Book Club, in real life. Details follow:

House of Scorpio


Sex Lit: Stoya’s Book Club

Sunday, Sep 17*, 6-9pm, $20 (limited tickets), 21+ (25+ suggested)

Gemini & Scorpio Loft in Gowanus, BK – see site for address

No PAL or dress code requirement, but HoS Code of Conduct always applies

Rules, RSVP & location:


The body’s largest sex organ is the brain. Come stimulate yours with a rousing discussion of a classic sexuality book led by pornographer Stoya. Drinking encouraged throughout, and mingling will follow the talk.

For the first session we’ll delve into Georges Bataille’s Story of Eye, a 1928 novella that details the increasingly bizarre sexual perversions of a pair of teenage lovers.

Reading the book beforehand is encouraged.

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